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August 23, 1864: Wawona

September 5, 2014

Camp 199

[Today] we got to Clark’s Ranch, on the Yosemite trail. Hoffmann was in a bad state; indeed, we could scarcely get him so far.

This looked like civilization. We met Mr. and Mrs. Ashburner, Mr. Olmsted, and other friends, who had been at Yosemite. You can imagine the joyous meeting. We were a hard-looking set—ragged, clothes patched with old flour bags, poor—I had lost over thirty pounds—horses poor. We camped []here and hoped for Hoffmann to recruit….

King had big pile of letters for me. Over twenty and spent the rest of the day between reading letters and talking with my friends but did not finish either.

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  1. John Livingston permalink
    September 6, 2014 2:43 pm

    I just Read John Muir’s “My First Summer in the Sierra” which chronicles his sheep herding summer of 1869 in Yosemite clear over to Mono Lakee. It is interesting that Muir must have had a decent map of the Yosemite area as he talk’s about each peak and waterfall which have already been named. Brewer writes in August 1864 while he is in the southern Sierras which are still relatively un-explored, except by miners. It must have been a time of radical change with new maps being developed every say 5 years. Wow. what a time to be alive.

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