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August 16, 1864: Middle Fork San Joaquin

August 16, 2014

[This] morning we were off as usual, but soon found that we were “in a fix”—great granite precipices descended ahead of us. We turned back, and after much trouble found a very steep, rocky place where we could get down about one thousand feet to the river. Buckskin was so lame that I camped before noon, at the river, after going only about four miles. It was a lovely spot—a little flat of a few acres, with grand old trees, and high, naked granite cliffs around. The river runs through this, entering and leaving it by an impassable canyon. We found the river full of trout, and the boys caught a fine mess….

One of the soldiers, Win Orr, was ahead, not knowing that we had stopped….We tried to stop him but could not….

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  1. August 16, 2014 9:29 am

    I’d love to know where this access is. I’ve always wanted to climb down into the river. Do we know which side they are on? I’m guessing south (or, at least, what I think of as south) below the Stump Springs Road, maybe below Kaiser Diggings.

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