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June 30, 1864: Sugarloaf Meadow

June 30, 2014


Sugarloaf and Roaring River drainage; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Camp 170

[Today]we were up early and left. We changed our route and came on about ten miles, by such a terrible way that it was a hard day’s work—over rocks, through canyons and brush. We sank into a canyon and camped about two thousand feet below our last camp….


Rattlesnake; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

[There is a] high rocky pinnacle by camp, a sharp granite cone, which rises from the valley like a sugar-loaf, when seen from below, but which is in reality the end of a ridge a mile or two in length….This is several hundred feet high and its summit is quite inaccessible….

We had some trouble with our fire—it got into some dead logs and we feared a general burn. We fought it, and Gardner came near being bitten by a rattlesnake that was driven out. He was an enormous fellow, but had lost most of his rattles.

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