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January 17, 1864: San Francisco

January 17, 2014

Daily Alta California, January 17, 1864:

Terrible Tragedy at Corral Hollow–A Father, Mother and Five Children Murdered–Arrest of the Supposed Assassin.
While at San José yesterday, we learned of a terrible murder which had been committed night before last, at Corral Hollow, near Livermore Pass, the victims being a man named Zimmerman, his wife and five children. The facts of the murder were very indefinite, none of the officers at San José seeming to know more than that the family named above had been all killed, and that three men who were supposed to have committed the foul deed had been arrested and securely lodged in jail. After diligent search, we gleaned that yesterday morning a Californian rode into San José in search of a stolen horse, saddle and bridle, which is supposed to have been taken by some of the parties engaged in the murder which had taken place at the mountain house beyond where he lived, but with the particulars of which he was unacquainted. The officers at once started out to search for three men, whom the Californian announced as having been seen in the region of the murder. The citizens in the vicinity of Livermore Pass had also been aroused and a search made for the man.

After a thorough search, two of the supposed guilty parties, who could not give any account of themselves, were found and arrested at Milpitas, eight miles north of San José, and later the third man was secured in the region of the Mission San José. From the officers in charge of the prison at the latter place, we learn that the two men arrested at Milpitas had each a heavy Colt’s revolver and a bowie knife, and the one arrested at the Mission San José had two deadly looking revolvers, as well as a bowie-knife on his person. One of the arrested men had the saddle and bridle of the Californian, on another horse, when arrested, showing conclusively that he had been in the region of the murder in order to get the stolen articles. One of the men is an old and well-known desperado and convict, and the other two are unknown. Of the two unknown men one gave his name as Wilson, but the other had refused to give any name. The particulars of the murder had been sent for at the Mountain House, but had not reached San José at the time the cars left for this city.

Zimmerman was the proprietor of Mountain House near Livermore (now Altamont) Pass, where Brewer stopped in 1861 and 1862.


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