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October 21, 1863: Deadwood

October 21, 2013

McAdam Creek below Deadwood; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

[Today] I started John back to San Francisco with one horse and two mules, a long and weary ride of four hundred miles to make alone. I packed up all our baggage except a change of clothes which I carried in my saddlebags, and with King started and rode west over a range of mountains and stopped at Deadwood. Our horses had not been accustomed to grain for some time and were slightly foundered by a mess last night.

Deadwood is a busy little mining town, lively and noisy enough today, for there has been a judicial election, a very important one, all over the state. One of the Democratic candidates for Supreme Judge, a Mr. Todd Robinson, is an out-and-out Secessionist, refuses to take the oath of allegiance, proclaims his Secession proclivities, etc. He had friends here, and the barroom of our house was lively and noisy enough. A motley crowd were drinking, talking politics, and some playing poker.

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