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September 23, 1863: Loveless Ranch

September 23, 2013

Camp 148

[Today] we came on but about two miles, to the end of our trails or roads, to the tent of an old hunter named Loveless, who knows all about the region, and of whom we hoped to get information as to how we could reach the peak. Here we found camped some men from the Sacramento Valley, who had come up to escape from the heat of the valley, to hunt and have a good time. Judge Walsh, a very wealthy ranchero, and his family, were the main ones. He greeted us warmly, and gave us a quarter of venison. We camped near them, and I spent the rest of the day in writing up my notes. We dined with them and had a pleasant time. Mrs. Walsh, a Scotch lady, was lively and was enjoying the gipsy life. They were well provided with tents, a cook, servant, etc. Here King met an old friend who had crossed the plains with him, and they had a jolly reunion. I slept cold that night, for the thermometer sank to 12°.

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