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August 15, 1863: Silver Lake

August 15, 2013

Silver Lake 02

Silver Lake; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Camp 135

[Today], still following up the table, we got partially above the sea of dust and haze and at times we could even see the coast ranges. At Tragedy Springs we were up over seven thousand feet. This place took its name from a fearful tragedy. Four men were killed here by the Indians and their bodies burned. Their names are carved on a large tree by the spring, their only monument. Here we descended into the valley of Silver Lake, a lovely little sheet of water, very deep and blue, resting in a basin of granite, high, picturesque peaks of volcanic rocks rising on the east. We camped at the foot of the lake, where a large house is going up. Log hotels are going up all along this road, in anticipation of custom when the road shall be finished. We are now up to where we have cold nights—the thermometer sank to 28°.

Specimens collected: Carex lenticularis var. lipocarpa; Sparganium angustifolium; Heuchera rubescens var. rydbergiana; Pellaea breweri; Cryptogramma acrostichoides.

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