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August 7, 1863: Lake Near Ebbetts Pass

August 7, 2013

Ebbetts Pass 05

North of Ebbetts Pass (vicinity of Camp 133); by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Camp 133

Sargents Catchfly 03

Silene sargentii; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

We had spent all the time we had to spare, so [today] we came up and camped at a little lake at the summit, to examine the pass. It is a most picturesque spot—a small lake of clear water, with green grass and trees around it, and snow banks lying here and there, while on the north of us are a series of volcanic ridges, rough and jagged in outline. Near camp was a most picturesque volcanic cone, its sides made up of strata of basalt, curved and inclined—the whole most beautifully columnar. There are several little lakes in depressions near the summit, all very picturesque, but the feature of the region is the volcanic cap to the mountains—those pinnacles in lava. Were I to see them truly represented on canvas or paper in views of any other country, I should have pronounced the views unnatural and grossly exaggerated. We examined two or three gaps along the summit—a matter of much importance here, for they are building a wagon road through—then finished our work and prepared to return.

Ebbetts Pass 06

Kinney Lake from north of Ebbetts Pass; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Specimens collected: Phacelia hydrophylloides; Carex praeceptorum; Geum triflorum; Carex vernacula; Carex scopulorum var. bracteosa; Luzula divaricata; Polemonium pulcherrimum; Ivesia gordonii; Elymus elymoides subsp. elymoides; Phleum alpinum; Veronica wormskjoldii; Carex pachystachya; Carex abrupta; Carex spectabilis; Poa secunda subsp. secunda; Carex specifica; Carex heteroneura var. heteroneura; Silene sargentii; Ligusticum grayi; Carex straminiformis; Lupinus lepidus var. lobbii; Potentilla fruticosa.

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