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July 28, 1863: Murphys

July 28, 2013

Murphys 03

Murphys; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

[Today] Professor Whitney and I repaired our barometers in preparation for a new trip. He decided upon plans, and I returned to Murphy’s and sent Hoffmann to San Francisco to recruit.

[Tonight] I received letters from Professors Brush and Johnson, of Yale College, that took me all aback—an unofficial notice that in all probability next year I shall be invited to a professorship in Yale College—a position I would of all others prize. The college has recently been designated as the recipient of the Morrill Land Fund, donated by Congress to schools for the advancement of agriculture and the useful arts. If the country does not go to pieces Yale will receive some five or six thousand dollars per year from this and new professors will be required to fill the quota. If the place is offered me I shall surely accept it, gladly, and next year will turn my back to the Pacific and my face eastward and homeward once more. It is not yet a certain thing, however, but within the range of possibility.

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