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June 29, 1863: Mount Dana

June 29, 2013

Mono Pass Trail 02

Mt. Dana from Dana Meadows; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Camp 118

Professor Whitney was not well [yesterday], so he did not go up, but on our return we gave him such a glowing description, and as we had found the climb so easy, he resolved to make the ascent. So [today] I returned with him, thus making the ascent on two successive days. He thought the view the grandest he had ever beheld, although he has seen nearly the whole of Europe. Hoffmann measured another pass, through which it is desirable to get a trail.

Here let me say that thus far we are on a trail that crosses the mountains, over which supplies are packed on mules during the summer to Esmeralda, freight being eight or nine cents per pound from Mariposa, Coulterville, or Big Oak Flat, all of which places pack over this trail. Trains of animals thus pass nearly every week.

Specimens collected: Castilleja applegatei subsp. pallida; Ivesia lycopodioides subsp. lycopodioides; Hulsea algida; Erysimum capitatum subsp. perenne; Packera werneriifolia; Erigeron compositus.

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