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June 28, 1863: Mount Dana

June 28, 2013


View east from Mt. Dana summit; photo courtesy of Bob Burd

Camp 118

A high mountain rose on the east, from which we hoped to get important bearings, so [today] we were up early and Hoffmann and I started for it—over rocks, ice, and snow. It is over thirteen thousand feet high and afforded a yet grander view than any we had had. The air was very clear, and we remained on the summit over four hours, taking bearings and barometrical observations. Hundreds of peaks were in sight, probably over fifty that are over twelve thousand feet. All north, west, and south was a scene of the wildest mountain desolation. On the east, at our feet, lay Mono Lake, an inland sea surrounded by deserts. A chain of extinct volcanic cones lay to the south of it, while alternate barren mountains and more barren desert plains stretched east to the distant horizon. It is not often that a man has the opportunity of attaining that height, or of beholding such a scene.

Paintbrush 02

Castilleja miniata; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Specimens collected: Packera werneriifolia; Salix arctica; Draba lemmonii var. lemmonii; Draba oligosperma var. oligosperma; Polemonium eximium; Podistera nevadensis; Castilleja miniata subsp. miniata.

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