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May 26, 1863: Millerton

May 26, 2013

Lake Millerton Desktop Picture

Lake Millerton, beneath which Millerton is submerged; by niiicedave, on Flickr

Millerton Lake, restored courthouse

Restored Millerton Courthouse; by w_miller, on Flickr

[Today], thirty miles more to Millerton, which is on the San Joaquin near where the old Fort Miller was. We struck into the hills just before reaching the place. There is some mining done there. The hotel where we stopped showed a truly Californian mixture of races—the landlord a Scotchman, Chinese cooks, Negro waiter, and a Digger Indian as stable boy. The San Joaquin is here a swift, clear stream, scarcely contaminated by the miners’ washings. The country about Millerton is picturesque. Back of the town a high table mountain of lava is conspicuous for a great distance.

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  1. May 26, 2013 1:21 pm

    I made a drive around the lake on Wednesday, just to get some good photos of that conspicuous table mountain.

  2. William H. Brewer permalink*
    May 28, 2013 9:33 am

    That Table Mountain is an old friend–I know it from a dozen or more drives up to westside trailheads (you go through there for everything from Lake Edison in the north to Wishon in the south). Feel free to post photos (or links to photos) on the Facebook page–I’d love to see them.

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