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June 23, 1862: East of Pacheco Pass

June 23, 2012

Camp 77

Calochortus 06

Calochortus venustus; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

[Today] I visited some hills alone, and sent Gabb and Hoffmann on a longer excursion back, with the mules. The event of the day was their meeting, in a narrow ravine, a large she-grizzly with a cub. Now this is the worst kind of a customer to meet, and as they came upon her very suddenly, matters did not look well. She faced them at first, scarcely thirty feet distant, then slowly retreated. They took the hint, and both parties escaped unharmed; the two bears leisurely climbing the steep bank of the ravine on one side, the geologists climbing, less leisurely by far, the steep bank on the other side.

Specimens collected: Cuscuta californica; Malvella leprosa; Stachys albens; Calochortus venustus; Dudleya cymosa subsp. paniculata; Marah fabaceus; Cheilanthes intertexta.

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