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June 19, 1862: East of Pacheco Pass

June 19, 2012

Camp 77

golden stars

Bloomeria crocea; by randomtruth, on Flickr

[Today] we raised camp and came on to Camp 77 at Ranch San Luis de Gonzaga, at the eastern end of Pacheco’s Pass, twenty-seven miles—twenty-four of which were along the plain—with a temperature all day of 95° to 102°. Before entering the pass, we struck a road—a mere trail, yet it was a road, and what a luxury! We trotted our mules gaily along it. It is a novelty, for we saw our last road three weeks ago!

We camped in a very windy place. A strong current of air pours over Pacheco Pass the entire summer—from the west, cool, to supply in part the demand of the hot San Joaquin plain—and we were camped directly in this channel.

Specimens collected: Conyza canadensis; Cirsium cymosum var. cymosum; Grindelia hirsutula; Bloomeria crocea.

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