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June 11, 1862: Del Puerto Canyon

June 11, 2012

Del Puerto Canyon 04

Del Puerto Canyon; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Camp 74

[Today] was spent in examining the hills back for three or four miles. We looked at the total lunar eclipse until the moon was entirely obscured, then turned in. I watched it still as the shadow slowly passed off, but sleep accidentally cut short the observations at an early hour, and the bright morning sun was the next thing I saw. Strange enough, a slight shower had passed late in the night, a rare thing for this time of the year. I found my blankets and “pillow” (figurative) wet, but the rain had not disturbed me.

Specimens collected: Iva axillaris subsp. robustior; Schoenoplectus x contortus; Distichlis spicata; Monardella villosa subsp. villosa; Callitriche marginata; Eleocharis macrostachya; Astragalus oxyphysus; Mucronea perfoliata.

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