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June 4, 1862: Corral Hollow

June 4, 2012

Camp 72

We had done most of the work last fall, so but little was now to be done. Nevertheless, [today] Hoffmann and I climbed a high hill several miles south for bearings for topography, etc., while Gabb explored the canyon for its geology.

As we have worked south it has grown hotter—today was over 90°, but on the hills, if we could get in the shade of a tree, a most delicious breeze fanned us. I have never experienced any more delicious air than we have these clear days, provided one can be in the shade and rest from exertion. I have long ceased to wonder that the natives are so universally lazy. Any man is justified in being lazy in such a climate. But the evening was still more delicious, cool—you would say warm at home—a delicious breeze, no dew. The moon was bright, and we lay in the open air and sang songs of home until the rocky sides of the canyon echoed again. I assure you that no song is oftener sung than “Sweet Home.”

Specimens collected: Elymus elymoides subsp. elymoides; Ericameria linearifolia; Lonicera subspicata var. denudata; Malacothamnus fremontii.

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