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June 3, 1862: Corral Hollow

June 3, 2012

Camp 72

serpentine linanthus - linanthus ambiguus

Linanthus ambiguus; by randomtruth, on Flickr

[Today], we raised that camp, and went on to Camp 72, at the mouth of Corral Hollow. The morning was peculiarly clear. The plain looked like the sea, or rather a great bay, the snowy Sierras seemed scarcely ten miles distant, instead of sixty to a hundred as they really were. We passed out upon the plain, and passed the fifteen miles across it by a very obscure trail, the mirage flitting about us most beautifully.

All work at the Corral Hollow coal mines had ceased since last fall and only a few men hung around there. A torrent, like a river, had swept down the canyon last winter, destroying the road, so we camped at the mouth of the canyon, where there was water, six miles below where we camped last fall—a solitary spot.

Specimens collected, June 2-3: Thysanocarpus laciniatus; Gilia aurea var. decora; Linanthus ambiguus; Microseris douglasii subsp. tenella; Eriastrum pluriflorum; Monardella breweri; Oenothera trichocalyx; Camissonia boothii subsp. decorticans.

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