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May 1, 1862: Walnut Creek

May 1, 2012

Rocky Ridge View Trail

View from Rocky Ridge, Las Trampas Regional Wilderness; by dsleeter_2000, on Flickr

Camp 69

[Today] Hoffmann and I visited a ridge about two thousand feet high1, about six miles from camp, quite a hard day’s tramp. Heavy clouds wreathed the whole summit of Mount Diablo, but we had a fine view of the green hills near and around us. A shower caught us on our return and wet us, but how unlike the rains of the city. The smell of the rain on the fresh soil and green grass was decidedly refreshing.

Star Tulip 09

Calochortus umbellatus; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

[Tonight] the wind was high…

Specimens collected: Calochortus umbellatus; Amelanchier utahensis; Scutellaria tuberosa; Lupinus albifrons; Cardamine californica var. integrifolia; Trifolium fucatum; Castilleja affinis subsp. affinis; Alopecurus saccatus; Pleuropogon californicus.

1Probably Rocky Ridge, west of Danville

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