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March 29, 1862: Sausalito

March 29, 2012

Sausalito Marina

Sausalito Marina; by Marie Wise, Artist, on Flickr

Sausalito is a place of half a dozen houses, once “destined” to be a great town; $150,000 lost there—city laid out, corner lots sold at enormous prices, “water fronts” still higher—for a big city was bound to grow up there, and then these lots would be worth money. The old California story—everybody bought land to rise in value, but no one built, no city grew there. Half a dozen huts and shanties mark the place, and “corner lots” and “water fronts” are alike valueless. This was on the same ranch with “Lime Point,” where $400,000 was asked of Uncle Sam for a spot of land worth $100 at the highest figure, to build a fort on, but never bought….

Well, we stayed [here] all night and for several hours [this] morning, then took a small boat for San Francisco, along with a load of calves and pigs piled in the bottom.

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