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January 6, 1862: Sacramento

January 6, 2012

Sacramento Daily Union, January 6, 1862:


RAIN AND SNOW.–There was a heavy fall of rain yesterday, commencing about ten o’clock in the morning, and continuing without much interruption till late last evening. At first the rain was mingled for a few minutes with a very respectable flurry of snow, the large flakes sailing slowly downards like a cloud of geese feathers, but melting as soon as they struck the moist earth. A snow storm in Sacramento is a spectacle very rarely witnessed. From Dr. Logan’s rain gauge we learn that from ten o’clock A.M. yesterday to two o’clock P.M., .67 of an inch had fallen; from two to nine P.M. the fall was 1.12. Total fall in eleven hours, 1.79, and no signs of abatement.

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