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December 23, 1861: Sacramento

December 23, 2011

From the Sacramento Daily Union, December 23, 1861:

HOUSE-RAISING APPARATUS.–The greater portion of the hydraulic house-raising apparatus of Edward Fell arrived in the city on Saturday and yesterday mornings, on the steamers Nevada and Sacramento, from San Francisco. The remainder will come up within a day or two. It is expected that a number of our brick buildings will be raised by this machinery within the next three or four months. A hydraulic pump is used capable of a pressure of twenty thousand pounds to the square inch…In raising a building, cast iron cylindars are used on which the piston is forced up by the introduction of water beneath….The earth is removed from the foundation of the building to be raised, a portion at a time, and the cylinders are adjusted under the walls…By this means the entire building is brought to rest on them. All are then connected with the pump by means of tubes, and water is forced in beneath the piston of each. The building goes up gradually with the pressure of the pump….When the building has attained the right position, the underpinning walls are built and the cylinders are removed one by one….The present proprietor is confident that he can raise any building in the city with it, provided the owner can “raise the wind” to pay him for his work.

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