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December 16, 1861: San Francisco

December 16, 2011
October Photowalk 01

500 Club, 17th & Guerrero (near site of The Willows); by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Daily Alta California, December 16, 2011:


PRIZE FIGHT.–Early yesterday morning, two hack drivers named Patrick Kelly and Tim Sullivan, went out towards the Mission to settle a feud by a resort to fisticuffs. They were accompanied by the orthodox number of attendants, seconds, bottleholders, etc., and otherwise emulated the example of more renowned puglists, protracting the terminations of the battle for one hour and twenty-five minutes. Kelly being then blinded by the blows of his antagonist, was declared vanquished….

SUBURBAN ENTERTAINMENTS.–Fort Point, the Willows, Camp Alert, and Hayes’ Park, were all visited by hundreds yesterday. The morning being clear, every vehicle at the various livery establishments was engaged. The cars and omnibuses were thronged with passengers, and it is safe to say that more people left San Francisco yesterday than on any previous day since the foundation of the town….

ANOTHER APPEAL.–The ladies of San Francisco will please remember that their services are needed, to-day, in behalf of the suffering people of Sacramento. It is hoped and expected that they will meet en masse at Platt’s Hall, this evening, to make up clothing for the distressed people of our sister city….

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