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December 7, 1861

December 7, 2011

Sacramento Daily Union, December 7, 1861:


EDITORS: In your issue of to-day, under the head of “Secessionists in the Militia,” you republish the list of staff apppointments made by General R. M. Martin of Siskiyou county, and express a desire that some one who knows them will tell the public of what material they are made. The writer has until recently been a resident of Siskiyou county for many years, and is well acquainted with every member of Major General Martin’s staff….J. Berry, Assistant Adjutant General….is not, I think, an open and avowed Secessionist, but is bitterly opposed to coercion. George H. Coe, Engineer Officer….is loud in his denunciation of the Administration. D. D. Williams, Ordnance Officer, is a Democrat of the McConnell Secess school, and has acted as Chairman of all, or nearly all, the Secession meetings held in Yreka. John M. Heath, Commissary, is of the same stamp as…Williams, and a still more active member of the party. W. C. Orr, Paymaster, is a member of the Secesh Central Committee. William D. Slade, Division Inspector, to his shame, was born and educated in the loyal State of Vermont, and is one of the most rabid, wide mouthed, abusive, fire eating Secessionists that this State is disgraced with. John S. Dudley, Quartermaster…has been openly and avowedly opposed to any and every Union movement; and during the last campaign his office was the headquarters of the Secession party….

So much for General Martin’s staff–one word as to himself, and I am done. He was the President of the first Secession meeting held in the county, was their nominee for State Senator and was badly beaten by the Republican candidate.

Such is the material of which the officers of the Sixth Division of the State militia are composed; and such facts at this particular time are suggestive. I leave the matter for the consideration of the appointing power and the public.

Camp Union, December 4th.

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