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December 4, 1861: San Francisco

December 4, 2011
Santacon 03

Civic Center Plaza (former site of Yerba Buena Cemetery); by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Daily Alta California, December 4, 1861:

LOOK TO YOUR STRAY CATTLE! – There is just cause of complaint urged against owners of cattle found straying through the grounds of the Yerba Buena Cemetery. It is painful for friends of the dead buried there, to know that the grounds are thus desecrated. The Poundmaster is determined that the nuissance shall be abated and that, too, speedily and effectively. He hereby gives notice that he shall hereafter seize upon and convey to the public Pound all animals found within the enclosure known as the Yerba Buena Cemetery….

CITY AND COUNTY TREASURY. – The last report of the City and County Treasury shows that there was in the public’s strong box, on the last day of November, $821,974.65, of which $180,563.74 were received during the month. The total disbursements for the same period were $280,951.83….

THE RIVER. – The Sacramento river has risen several feet within the last forty-eight hours. At susnset, last evening, the water stood twelve feet above low-water mark, indicating a rise of ten feet since the commencement of the rainy season. A large amount of driftwood was collected yesterday from the current by American and Chinese boatmen.–Sac. Union.

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