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August 30, 1861: San Jose

August 30, 2011

Camp 48

northern willowherb

Epilobium ciliatum; by randomtruth, on Flickr

I had resolved to put up my mules at auction on Saturday, so had the day for leisure. In the morning, with a young lady who was visiting at Mr. Hamilton’s, I went out of town a mile and visited the residence of a wealthy citizen, Mr. Belden. He and his wife had come here early (1841), poor, had got rich, visited Europe, bought many works of art, etc. He lives here very comfortably on his money, has a fine house, pretty grounds, etc. We spent two or more hours most pleasantly in looking over pictures, photographs, etc., which he had brought from Europe. He was absent, but his wife appears a very fine and pleasant woman.

Specimens collected: Epilobium ciliatum subsp. ciliatum; Baccharis douglasii; Helenium puberulum; Clematis ligusticifolia; Helianthus californicus.

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