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June 18, 1861: San Juan Bautista

June 18, 2011

Plaza Hotel, San Juan Bautista

Plaza Hotel, San Juan Bautista; by Generik11, on Flickr

Camp 38

[Today] I rode a few miles to visit an asphaltum spring, or rather, several. The principal ones are on a ranch of a Mr. Sargent. He has his ranch enclosed with good fence in two fields, one of two thousand acres; the other, through which we rode, of seven thousand acres. It is hill land, and most of it is covered with a heavy growth of wild oats, in places as heavy as a good field of oats at home—a grand field of feed, that!

The mail arrives at San Juan near ten o’clock in the night, but I walked into town and waited for it [tonight], and with it came a letter from Professor Whitney calling me to San Francisco for consultation. I returned to camp, hastily made my preparations, left my orders, and returned to town, for the stage started at six in the morning, too early to get in from camp.

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