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February 22, 1861: Santa Susana Mountains

February 22, 2011

Santa Susana Mountains - Sandstone Layers

Sandstone layers in the Santa Susana Mountains; by ColetteSimonds, on Flickr

a golden watches us leave

Golden Eagle; by randomtruth, on Flickr

Camp 14

[Today], I started to examine a peak a few miles to the north. Averill and Mike (our cook) went with me. I carried a barometer. Averill shot an eagle with his revolver. It measured fifty inches from tip to tip. He was a savage fellow, and as he was not killed entirely, he fought most vigorously. We had a difficult climb. My companions both showed signs of giving out and finally stopped at the foot of the last slope we had to rise. I went on alone, but they finally followed and succeeded. The peak was 2,700 feet above camp, or some 3,800 feet above the sea1. We had a glorious view from this point and collected some more fossils on our way back. We celebrated Washington’s birthday, in the evening, with a glass of toddy.

1Probably Oat Mountain, 3,747′, in the Santa Susana Mountains.

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