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February 7, 1861: Los Angeles

February 7, 2011

Camp 1

[Today], Professor Whitney left for San Francisco, leaving the party in my charge, a responsibility I by no means desire, but I will make the best of it. [Tonight] three of our men came in very drunk, for the first time, a bad beginning of my rule. I had been in town in the evening, and on returning put things in order, as it looked like rain. At two o’clock they came in, and disarranged some of the things. Soon after it began to rain hard, and rained until near daylight, the wind cold and increasing. Just before daylight the wind changed, and a fierce squall carried over both tents in the rain. Such a pickle! Instruments and blankets and books were hurried in the wagon, clothes lost in the intense darkness. I worked barefooted, in shirt tail and drawers—ugh!—how cold it was! It completely sobered the men, I assure you. It was fortunately near daylight, and the wind and rain lulled and finally ceased.

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