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February 4, 1861: San Gabriel Canyon

February 4, 2011
Mount Baldy from Glendora Ridge  DSC00399

Mount Baldy from Glendora Ridge; by Ken Hornbrook, on Flickr

Camp 6

[Today], the Professor and I rode a few miles, and climbed a ridge about 2,500 feet high1, where there were extensive outcroppings of rock. We saw four fine deer, but of course had no guns to shoot them with.

milkmaids looking lovely

Cardamine californica; by randomtruth, on Flickr

Specimens collected: Linanthus dianthiflorus, Descurainia pinnata subsp. menziesii, Oxalis albicans subsp. californica, Quercus dumosa, Cardamine californica var. integrifolia, Ribes californicum var. hesperium, Capsella bursa-pastoris.

1Probably Glendora Ridge.

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