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September 17, 1864: Stockton

September 17, 2014

I rode to Stockton with Mr. Olmsted in his private carriage, carrying $28,000 in gold bullion—quite a load.

September 15, 1864: Mariposa

September 15, 2014

Gardner and I spent a few days on the Mariposa Estate, looking at its mines and mills, but I will give no description. It is a tremendous estate.

September 11, 1864: Mariposa

September 11, 2014

[W]e all met again at Mariposa. [Here] we got a carriage, put a bed in it, and King and Dick got [Hoffmann] to Stockton…

September 10, 1864: Wawona

September 10, 2014

At last, [today], we four started to carry [Hoffmann] ourselves. We made a litter and put a bed on it and started. The trail was so narrow that only two could carry at once. The trail led over a hill over six thousand feet high, and he grew heavier and heavier mile by mile, but it was successful. Gardner and I returned for our animals, while King and Dick went on….

September 6, 1864: Wawona

September 8, 2014

I got back to Clark’s Ranch [today] and found Hoffmann no better. He was anxious to get where he could get medical advice. We tried to get Chinamen to carry him to Mariposa, for we [are] twelve miles from a wagon road.

September 2, 1864: Yosemite Valley

September 7, 2014

LYV 02

Little Yosemite Valley; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Came on to Little Yosemite Valley above the Nevada Falls where we lunched. Then Cunningham and Olmsted went around while John and I came down over the Nevada Falls and got to camp long after dark tired enuogh. Found all well.

September 1, 1864: Merced River

September 7, 2014

Lembert Dome 08

Cathedral Peak from Lembert Dome; by Tom Hilton, on Flickr

Very cold. Fourteen degrees in the morning after sunrise. Started back and at the Soda Springs met Mr. St. John’s party. They all visited Mt. Dana yesterday and all the party reached the top. Among the rest were a child, a little girl six years old and a man 69 years old and lame. We then crossed the river and struck onto the Mariposa Trail, a very rough trail indeed. The view of Cathedral Peak from the west is peculiarly fine indeed. Passed several pretty little lakes and finally camped and set fire to a great dense tree which burned very fine. Night very cold and clear.


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