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October 30, 1864: San Francisco

October 30, 2014

I have all along intended to visit [Virginia City] and the famous silver mines of the region, expecting to take it in on my trip overland. [Today] I had to give up that idea, relinquishing long-cherished hopes and plans. The season is late, my health is not entirely good, there are fresh Indian outbreaks, there is no certainty of my getting through, and even if I should, the expense would be enormous, for I have failed to get a through ticket; so I gave up the plan and [settled on] a short visit.

October 12, 1864: San Francisco

October 12, 2014

I have received unofficial notice of my election as professor at Yale, and shall be on the road in a week if I can. I am now working hard to get off early, but will not close my journal yet, for a long trip still lies before me. I have counted up my traveling in the state. It amounts to: horseback, 7,564 miles; on foot, 3,101 miles; public conveyance, 4,440 miles—total, 15,105 miles. Surely a long trail!

September 17, 1864: Stockton

September 17, 2014

I rode to Stockton with Mr. Olmsted in his private carriage, carrying $28,000 in gold bullion—quite a load.

September 15, 1864: Mariposa

September 15, 2014

Gardner and I spent a few days on the Mariposa Estate, looking at its mines and mills, but I will give no description. It is a tremendous estate.

September 11, 1864: Mariposa

September 11, 2014

[W]e all met again at Mariposa. [Here] we got a carriage, put a bed in it, and King and Dick got [Hoffmann] to Stockton…

September 10, 1864: Wawona

September 10, 2014

At last, [today], we four started to carry [Hoffmann] ourselves. We made a litter and put a bed on it and started. The trail was so narrow that only two could carry at once. The trail led over a hill over six thousand feet high, and he grew heavier and heavier mile by mile, but it was successful. Gardner and I returned for our animals, while King and Dick went on….

September 6, 1864: Wawona

September 8, 2014

I got back to Clark’s Ranch [today] and found Hoffmann no better. He was anxious to get where he could get medical advice. We tried to get Chinamen to carry him to Mariposa, for we [are] twelve miles from a wagon road.


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